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in an era of commercial housing flooded the market, fewer and fewer public maternity wards, these properties can also be described as a historical legacy of the product. So-called public maternity wards is by national, State-owned enterprises and institutions, such as investment in the construction of housing live use only lease real estate does not own the property rights of citizens, but many public maternity wards at a later stage by way of sale, live can be purchased and obtained property rights. Well, obviously in the delivery room before selling, home ownership is not personal.

citizens living in the maternity ward, if death is not included into the heritage of public maternity wards, does not have a direct right to dispose of public maternity wards. If you want to have the right to dispose of public maternity wards, through illegal real estate transactions, purchase of real estate property right change for private property rights will be exercised. In a number of cases involving property disputes, secured loan small series also found that the number of cases on public maternity wards, some very representative.

between the public nature of the delivery room is special, in many cases, live people and not the exercise of certain rights, so in the case does not have these rights, signed some trade or transfer or inheritance agreement are null and void because in itself violated the relevant laws and regulations. First public delivery cannot be inherited, gifts, this is the property of belonging, then died when living people or do not need to rent a property, you can set the lease of public maternity wards, transfers through replacement of the operations transferred to others, while replacement conditions to meet the law's premise, must be carried out in accordance with the contract.

disputes on public maternity wards occur mostly on older people, most common among the older generation and inheritance, and now can't afford to buy a House buy, mortgage loans, so this type of tenancy inheritance of the old property, has also received considerable attention. Need to remind you at this point is, focusing on the lives of older people, don't forget while enjoying relevant rights as less maintenance and care obligations.

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