Also cannot underestimate the provident funds cannot be used for decoration for rent

recent topics are talked about frequently on the Housing Fund, there has been a lot of controversies of Provident Fund loans are constantly seeking a new system reform models. Fuzhou loans made to understand, there are already many cities for local conditions, adjustments to the extraction of the Provident Fund and limits, relaxation of the Provident Fund application conditions, simplify the extraction procedure, increase the Provident Fund for the income level of the population, are currently being actively pursued by the relevant departments.

However, have risen to high housing prices, role of Provident Fund loans is far from matching, so more people other than the Provident Fund to buy a House and start to focus on provident fund housing and other aspects can be applied. What about provident funds can be used for House decoration? in fact, many people have raised this question, in the case of Provident Fund loan limit is more limited, features for buying very tasteless, but more or less it is possible to solve the housing needs of families.

in accordance with the relevant provisions for some buyers to use family of Provident Fund loans on provident funds cannot be used for House decoration. Provident Fund belongs to the earmarking category, in addition to buying a House generally does not support any claim forms. But some cities open a provident fund to offset the rental payments of benefits, but the actual operation, there are a lot of inconvenience, the real people with the need to run to offset the rent required very complicated procedures, this is a very big operation obstacles and benefits cannot be more responsive to the needs of society.

on the housing Provident Fund loan limit is low, many families in need through a combination of Provident Fund loans of commercial banks mode to complete the buy, but this combination mode operation in some real estate projects were not necessarily recognized by the developers, so through provident funds to buy a House can be a bit difficult. Industry experts also analyzed, Provident Fund or provident fund system problems, data related to the establishment of information systems and applications do not meet the demands of a new age, couldn't keep up with the pace of social development, these are the areas that need improving steadily.

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