Banyan tree part of the second-hand house prices decline

insiders said that Fuzhou this month volume of previously owned homes also fell, turnover at all the way down this year, Fuzhou in October deal in the seven hundred or eight hundred, Fuzhou second-hand housing has now been frozen.

it is understood that second-hand housing intermediaries market turnover of Fuzhou, the phenomenon is spreading to maintain was forced to close a store, and staff for the future intermediary market watch, pessimism is also spreading.

insiders said that today a million house price by 80,000, 100,000 yuan, are normal, and recent housing market, prices good talk with landlords. And some nasty sell House prices more, "some houses fell three or four per cent." According to the introduction, in Fuzhou Wuyi road, 2010 lots were sold in the 13,000 square meters of area, similar houses in the current market is only 10,000 yuan per square meter. "Fuzhou now has more than seven thousand or eight thousand Yuan price of the second-hand housing market. "

new secured financing company in the West Bank said that under the current situation, trading volume in the market remains in the doldrums, second-hand housing prices have to fall.


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