Home loans next year will be the new rate calculation

Central Bank raised interest rates three times this year, starting from the new year's day next year, mortgage interest rates will rise. In response to this increase in cost pressures, some people are going to the advance payment. However, industry sources said not all of the early repayment deal. Prepayment customers according to their specific circumstances, not to blindly follow.

this year, the Central Bank raised interest rates three times, more than the five-year loan benchmark interest rates rose to 7.05% from 6.4% at the beginning of this year, rose as high as 10%. According to relevant regulations, mortgage interest rates will be raised next year.

it is understood that in order to reduce repayment pressures, partial prepayment of the public. According to the Bank's staff, prepayment of many customer calls advisory business recently, prepayment of estimated that by December there will be a small climax.

in addition, a bank's staff also said customers can now hop to hop, prepayment penalty has been cancelled.


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