Most affected by the housing bubble buyers

in conditions of sales downturn in the property market as a whole, on the property market bubble is excessive, rupture eventually lead to collapse of the real estate market can often be heard, house prices plunge affected not only the depreciation of the value of the House, more complete industry chain of the economy. Fuzhou guarantees small believes that for many buyers, soaring during the speculative investment home buyers still hoarding a lot did not sell the House, should be considered victims of the largest markets.

in the most expensive, a lot of investment in real estate projects was entirely for the selling profit-oriented, live in the actual construction of the project, without much thought on the feelings. Like a fast food, is only a market of hungry and don't care about its taste and consumption feelings. As a real estate investor, if at that time, you invest in such property to hoard in hand now, basically you just wait on a limb here. This type of property on the market trough, does not have a competitive advantage in the marketplace, should not be devalued fast and with no price advantage.

with the acceleration of urban construction, most cities in the country are in the crazy city traffic perfection, light rail, Metro and other facilities actively, which to a large extent changed the environment of some real estate projects. Rail construction to a certain extent improved the land property value of the lot, so a lot of projects are under construction as a publicity stunt, early in the promotion will also be supporting the rail construction to get home values, investment the expected effect of this type of property is more affected by surrounding factors affect the final value of real estate. In the case of the market value fell, the ultimate real estate investments can pay off, also see the subsequent developments to introduce and perfect.

there are a lot of construction project during the hot real estate market, which has a lot of bidding up the price and the gimmick factor, while the actual construction is hard to reflect the value of the project. More purely investment property, in the context of market demands are difficult to release, this type of investment property and how much of a chance to deal, to realize profits? fallout, speculative investors, bank loans, hoarding up too much real estate, and ultimately investment losses due to inability to pay the loans or mortgages directly, these losses are huge.

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