New affordable housing placement has begun to seek opinions

facing the housing needs of low-income families, the State has implemented a variety of housing support policy and the construction of affordable housing, however, in the actual housing plan, but exposes a lot of problems. From the affordable housing, low-rent of owner-occupied housing now, whether it is rented or sold are illustrated by the current housing needs diversification, housing requirements for different populations show different characteristics.

demand for housing market continues to change, the State's affordable housing policies are constantly updated, Fuzhou loan small learned that in recent days, after Beijing in owner-occupied housing, proposed a new system of housing distribution, the distribution of affordable housing rules, eligibility criteria and a lottery system to make a new coordination. In the understanding of public housing demand at the same time, tend to change according to demand, adjusting the distribution of affordable housing.

about the future of Beijing urban primary mode of housing security, provided for in the Bill, the Government-assigned public rental housing, placement-affordable housing rental subsidies and that "rent a selling a supplement" three kinds of protection. Had already implemented a low-rent public housing, integration, so the biggest change is the placing of affordable housing. It will replace the existing affordable houses, low-income housing configurations.

in the survey, in addition to the respondent's gender, age, source of housing, whether it intends to apply for placements-security as well as other issues, most worthy of attention are placing safeguards investigation of housing distribution. Industry analysis options in one of three ways, random lottery, computer scoring and sequence after the line is most likely two. Orderly arrangement will give priority to safeguard the eligibility of low-income families, these will be in accordance with the Declaration of family income, age, family housing conditions and other information to determine.

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