Part of banks to lend less than 60 square meter refused to

Miss people ready to purchase their first home in the near future. "Due to the faster delivery time is too long, so want to buy second-hand housing can be admitted immediately. "She took a fancy to a single apartment:" area of 44 square meters, total price around 920,000 yuan. "Miss choice provident funds and commercial credit and loan portfolio loans, as requested by the first home down payment just to pay 30%, 276,000 first payment:" currently has 300,000 yuan deposits on hand, so the first payment is enough. "However, when on a trip to the Bank, but miss silly eye:" the Bank said, because it is a combination of loans, and the housing area is too small, so if you want to lend, down payments required 60%, 5% should interest rates rise. If it is a purely commercial loans, down payments be reduced to 40%, though lending rates to floating 10%. "In accordance with the proportion of 60%, down payments required 552,000, doubling the amount 1 time, floating interest rate 10% mortgage pressures and too large. According to Bank officials said, less than 60 square meters of housing is difficult to apply for loans, first home is no exception. Bank of China officials said, if brand developers of fine decoration supply, can think of down payment down to 40%: "ordinary houses less than 60 square metres it is difficult to lend, and floating interest rate is very high. "ICBC's staff said, less than 60 square metres of housing lending for now. Overseas Road branch of Bank of communications credit business center staff also made clear that less than 70 square meters of housing, Provident Fund loans disbursed, but pure and combined loans commercial loans were not to be granted.

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