Second-hand house trading what is the process?

1, buyers and sellers to establish communication channels, the buyer understand the status of the whole House and property rights, the seller is required to provide legal documents, including the housing ownership certificates, identity documents and other documents.

2, such as the seller of a house legal, can be traded, the buyer may pay the purchase deposit (payment of purchase deposit is not a necessary procedure to buy commercial housing), both parties signed a sale and purchase contract (or house sale contracts). Buyers and sellers through consultations, on housing location, tenure status and prices, housing delivery, after delivery of housing, property management agreement, signed at least one original and three copies of the sale and purchase contract. 3, the parties jointly apply to the real estate transaction management, subject to review. After buyers and sellers to real estate management application management to examine relevant documents, property rights of review, to meet the listing criteria of the Housing Authority to grant the transfer formalities, without property or part of the property without the written consent of the other co-owners of property right to reject an application, prohibition of trading.

4, State lease. Real estate transaction management based on property rights and Objects of the House, according to deals Department set approval step by step after the Declaration of approval in advance, parties to the transaction to go through the State lease procedures. Now Beijing has canceled the deal in the real estate sale, which commonly known as the "white community".

5, payment of taxes and fees. Tax form is complex, depending on the nature of trading houses may be. Fetching such as housing, rebuild housing, affordable housing and is not the same as other real estate taxes.

6, for transfer of property rights transfer procedures. Parties in a real estate transaction after completing registration of property right management, transaction materials transferred to the issuing department buyer receive housing notice to the Certification Department for a new title.

7, and on loan of buy by people for in and seller signed finished housing sale contract Hou by buyers and sellers common to loan bank handle loan procedures, Bank audit buyer of funding letter, on both to trading of housing for assessment, to determine buyer of loan lines, then approved buyer of loan, stay both completed property registration change, buyer received housing ownership card Hou, Bank will loan one-time issued.

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