Knowledge quiz

first, what is a mortgage?
, also known as mortgage, this is different from the primary mortgage and secondary mortgage loans category. This is new lending in recent years, its use can be used for mortgage, also available for other types of consumer loans. Housing mortgage loan refers to the loan unit to provide most of the loan purchase payments, buyers with stable income installment debt to loan unit, but not before you pay off the principal and interest, with its purchase contract to the Bank as collateral, if buyers cannot be assessed in term debt, loan unit can be homes for sale to offset debts.

Second, what is the pledge?
means that the debtor or a third party the transfer of creditor possession of movable property, the property as security for a debt. When the debtor defaults, the creditor shall be entitled to the provisions of the guarantee law to the property discount or priority of claim of the auction or sale of the property. Provided for in the preceding paragraph to the debtor or the third party pledgor, the creditor is the pledgee, transfer of movable property as a pledge.

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